I am a senior Producer and Digital Strategist, specialising in both Social TV and programme development. Passionate about producing ground breaking, meaningful projects across media, I lead creative teams, writing, developing and producing for television and the web, liaising with every party involved in a project, from on screen talent through funders to the audience itself.

I head up Social Media at The Project Factory, an innovative digital start up based in London and Sydney, developing and executing digital strategy for projects including Downton Abbey, Made in Chelsea, Unreported WorldTough Young Teachers, and many others.

Previously I worked with  Telegraph Hill on campaigns for Radio 1 Xtra Live, TV Norge, and for Superhero TV on ground-breaking entertainment and food show What’s Cooking? From The Sainsbury’s Kitchen, which involved a steady flow of content both ways between audience and screen. I sourced content for a series of Tweeting Histories for landmark series The British and have worked for Channel 4 as a Community Producer, shaping site users’ experience and driving traffic, through its social media presences, to its site.

Previously I was responsible for development at Isis Productions, a small Soho-based independent television production company that specialises in award-winning music documentaries which are shown around the world.

I take a particular interest in how new technologies can shape and augment our ability to both tell and understand stories and seek to innovate and experiment in every project I undertake.

I have written and performed music on a wide variety of instruments and in a wide variety of bands and genre contexts, including running a small live promotions company and label.

Personal interests include arctic exploration, the phenomenon of silence, architecture photography, and tennis.

You can contact me in a variety of ways.

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