I’m terribly sad to have heard yesterday that my primary school headteacher, and friend, Brian Thompson, has passed away.

Brian was an exceptional person, inspiring and helping equip hundreds of people to lead creative lives. He had a natural curiosity and wonder at the world, a wry and cultured sense of humour, and the school he created reflected and amplified these values in its students and in the community.

It was often noted that Brian could easily have been promoted through the education system, but that he chose to stay a headteacher, because he loved teaching and making that difference to people. Brian always had creative projects on the go, whether the children’s  books he published with Quentin Blake (update: and many more – see the Guardian’s obituary below), the annual school plays he would research and write himself, the silk screening, the sculpture..

I remember fondly going with him and my mother, who had forged a friendship through working together (she was his right hand woman as secretary of the school), to some of the plays and musicals he watched as research for his own work – these outings were a bit of light in what was a darker time for me around my parents’ divorce. We would also help out and water his plants when he and his partner were away and I was always struck by what wonderfully green fingers he must have had – the countless plants in that sunlit room that overflowed with such an extraordinary vitality.

I’m so glad to have seen them both as recently as a month ago – Minko and I were passing nearby, knocked on the window, and with great friendliness and cordiality were invited in for tea. We saw the house, some of the inventive beach sculptures he had made, their lifelong collection of art made by good friends adorning the walls throughout. I’ve since learnt that they had just heard that he was very ill and hadn’t long to live. Brian’s grace and humanity shone through, even more so now in the knowledge that they were dealing with such very difficult news.

I will always remember a good, kind and wonderfully creative man. RIP Brian.

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[I posted this tribute To Brian a few weeks ago, and thought that now would be a good time to post it here.]

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