This beautiful film has for its protagonist the camera, and its muse, architecture. If that sounds pretentious, you might not like the film, which seems to have caused a stir for its use of technology, namely Vray and 3dsMax – but it’s the elegance and pace of the shots, the sense of love and wonder at the architecture which it depicts, and the wresting of some kind of narrative out of ‘inanimate’ buildings which set it apart. Music plays its part here, the elegiac quality of the soundtrack mediating between the time scales of humans and of buildings.

If the film has a weakness – only one person, the photographer, and one motto appear, which therefore act as something of a manifesto – it suggests that architecture is art for its visual and cinematic qualities, rather than the active use of the space which it defines. But this is paradigmatic to our age of iconic, signature buildings, and not therefore a problem with the film, but of the times. There are signs that this architectural paradigm is shifting in concert with the economy.

I await Alex Roman’s next films with anticipation.

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