Idea: would allow people who feel their vote may be wasted to swap with someone in another constituency.The idea came this evening when a friend and I were discussing how she really wants to vote Lib Dem and I Green. She lives in Brighton, and I live in Richmond Park. So we agreed we could swap votes. That way we increase the chances of a first Green MP, and minimise the chances of Zac Goldsmith getting in. Simples.

I’m no web developer but I do have a sense of what is possible, and there is a lot of information available that would help build such a site. Asking users for their postcode, it could potentially use datasets from and mysociety to allow voters to identify whether their vote ‘counts’ in their constituency, and which other constituency would benefit from a vote for the party they would wish to support.

Okay, so using the site could be something of a massive act of faith (that your vote ‘buddy’ would vote as claimed), but it could help progressive leaning voters acheive the parliament they desire. Call it ‘voter solidarity’!

It may seem illiberal but I don’t want to work to encourage the extreme right wing. Therefore I suggest the ground rules would be that you can only swap with other people who want to vote for progressive parties.

I’ve registered the domain above ( is currently occupied) and would love to see us use the possibilities the web offers better to represent the people’s wishes.

Clearly time is short (I wish someone had thought of it a month ago – or maybe they did!), but if anyone would like to help build it, please do get in touch.

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5 Responses to Swap My Vote

  1. Stray says:

    I had the same thought earlier. I’m a web dev but I think we could actually get this done via a twitter hashtag and the guardian site you mention…

    at least you could garner interest via twitter anyway.

    I’m thinking a typical tweet would be:

    #swapmyvote Wanted: Labour, Offered: Lib Dem in Skipton/Ribblesdale.

    At least that way if a site does get up and running then it would be possible to tweet it with that hash tag. Realistically it can take 48 hours just to propogate the domain though, so I think time is a little short – which doesn’t mean it’s impossible but there would need to be a bunch of developers working on it simultaneously and it needs to work.

    I wonder if there’s a tool we can use that’s already out there?

  2. Stray says:

    Ok – I’m off… it’s not perfect but it’s a software tendering tool that will let us get the job done quick, and we can refine if it garners interest. Need some input from you on which parties / what format and so on.

    Interesting stuff!

  3. Tom says:

    After last year’s failed AV referendum I have decided not to renew the domain (it’s May 2012).
    However, come the next General Election I’d be keen to make sure our votes count. To that end, please get in touch if you’d like to help build something…

  4. Tom says:

    Watch this space…

  5. Tom says:

    We’ve launched at – and the feedback has been immense. If you’re looking to make your vote count for more, do check it out.

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