This autumn I put together the content for four ‘Tweeting History’ stories, for Sky’s programme The British. It was my first work with The Project Factory who produced the multiplatform elements for the programme, in conjunction with Nutopia who put together a lovely web interface. I sourced all the photos and wrote copy, to bring to life the four stories in ‘real time’ on Twitter.

The Project Factory’s latest project is now live, The British on Sky. Produced with Nutopia for Sky Atlantic, the project has multiple features to engage the audience of the 7-part TV series including: Additional interviews with celebrities about Britishness such as Frank Lampard, Jessie J, Helen Mirren and Russell Brand.

Quiz on British History with 4,000 questions over 3,000 years of events. Players can share their results on Facebook and post their best scores to the leader board. A timeline with hot6spots and short form video from 54 BC to 1943. There is extra historian commentary on selected stories.

Then there was Tweeting History – where you can follow history in real time and then watch archive on the Sky website hour by hour. Events covered include the Great Fire of London, the Battle of Trafalgar, Amy Johnson’s First Flight to Australia and the Worst Night of the London Blitz.

To experience the Tweeting Histories .

Tweeting History website

Tweeting History website

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