When the time came to let the world know about The Project Factory’s official Sherlock app, we knew we had a winner.

We’d shot exclusive content for the app with two of the moment’s biggest names in TV and film,  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and wanted to reward the shows’ fans with sneak peaks – and let them share their excitement and enthusiasm to spread the word about the game far and wide.

The app is named after Sherlock’s network which players join to help him solve cases. We built a dedicated social site with a hashtag counter where fans could get a sneak peek of exclusive images from the app – and tweet to unlock content, calling others to do the same and help the network reach the next milestone. So, of course, the campaign hashtag had to be #jointhenetwork.

Join the Network viral site

Join the Network viral site

We wanted to allow the social conversation around the television show to run its course, but with only a few days between the show airing on BBC One and the release into the App Store,  we had just two days to build the buzz before launch. In those two days, 16,000 people used the #jointhenetwork hashtag in tweets and 12,000 people followed the dedicated Twitter account. We had hoped we might see 10,000 tweets; at the time of writing, the counter is about to tick over 30,000.

In the fortnight after launch, Sherlock: The Network became number 1 Entertainment app in in 34 countries, topping the overall charts for over a week in the UK. The game so far has 279 ratings with 233 of them being 5 stars. On Twitter, #jointhenetwork tweets are reaching an average of a million people a week, and have been seen by 24 million.

Find out what the fuss is about: download the app and join the network

Cross posted with kind permission of The Project Factory.

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