I’m excited today to have confirmed an excellent partner with whom to #SwapmyVote, in my ideal marginal.

It’s been something of a lifelong dream for my vote really to count somewhere. Win or lose, it feels so much more worthwhile.


Marilyn Monroe in her iconic ivory dress, featured in The Seven Year Itch; public domain.

It’s deeply upsetting to know that this feeling of democratic potency is so rare, and that a ‘hack’ has been necessary to bring it about.

Every day I see hundreds of people trying to get the same, meaningful, vote. It’s beyond strange, this in a supposedly advanced democracy.

I’m proud of the community of people who have taken part in what is still an experiment, who’ve shared the idea with their friends & family.

And by doing so allowed more and more people to work together, two at a time, across the country, for a better representative democracy.

It’s a long haul — I don’t expect that more than a few hundred to a few thousand people will escape the tyranny of First Past the Post, this general election.

But we are building a new way of working together, a community of people prepared to take action. That is truly valuable, now & in future.

If you feel similarly, you can sign up at http://swapmyvote.uk and hopefully find a voting partner.

And if you want to campaign, or share links to promote specific swaps with people in certain constituencies, try http://bit.ly/swapmyvote-links.

The campaigning links are built on the Swap my Vote API, which you can find out more about here http://bit.ly/swapmyvote-api.

Happy voting!

NB: Originally published as a stream on Twitter.

(It’s seven years since the blog post where I originally proposed the platform.)

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